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Much Less Pain

"I suffered with severe pain in my lower back and left leg for several weeks. The pain was so severe that I could barely walk. I started taking over the counter pain medication and sought treatment from an orthopedic doctor, but did not receive any relief. Since coming to Dr. Snider, I am in much less pain! I am able to stand straighter and walk more comfortably. Dr. Snider's office provides a warm and friendly atmosphere, and he shows great care and compassion for his patients. I would and have recommended Dr. Snider to many of my friends. I know he can help you - if you help yourself! There is nothing negative I can say about my visits, treatments, and healing. I have already seen results!"…Read More

N.W. Knight

Caring & Informative

"I was unable to raise my right arm no more than half way up and had little control of my right arm at all. I was also suffering from pain in my neck and shoulder for about 2 weeks prior to seeing Dr. Snider and the pain was very intense. I had been suffering with my shoulder problems off and on for several years. In the last 6 months, the pain went from worse to VERY serious. I had been to several doctors about this and the last doctor I saw told me that I would need an operation on my neck. The doctor told me that I would need to put down $30,000.00 for him to operate since I did not have insurance. The surgery that he wanted to perform would put me out of work for at least 6-months to a year! My results with Dr. Snider have been nothing short of a miracle to me. I have FULL RANGE OF MOTION with my arm. My muscle control has come back and the pain in my neck and shoulder are GONE! By following all of Dr. Snider's recommendations, I have regained my life and kept my job, and before co…Read More

S. C. Smith

Highly Recommended

"When I came to see Dr. Snider I suffered with severe back pain. I had experienced this pain for two years, since my hip replacement in March of 2009. I have been treated by an orthopedic and the pain clinic in Greenwood. I have also tried sports medicine and therapy and had several nerve block injections in my back, with no success for any length of time. I was also taking pain medications several times a day to just be able to complete daily activities. My treatment with Dr. Snider has made the pain more bearable. At least now I can stand long enough to cook supper without having to sit down every little bit. I would highly recommend Dr. Snider and the Gateway Clinic. Dr. Snider is one of the most Godly, Christian men I have been in contact with. He cares for his patients and is always willing to share God's love with them."…Read More

K. Osborne

Uplifted In Spirit

"As a result of an injury sustained while water skiing, I have suffered with neck pain and stiffness for many years. This injury prevented me from turning my head more than 2-inches toward the left. The pain also radiated into my head and shoulder, causing numbness in my hand. In addition, I began experiencing severe low back pain after standing fro long periods of time. After a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon, I was greatly discouraged. He felt that no treatment would help my condition and prescribed medication for the pain. A family member recommended Dr. Snider, and though skeptical, I decided to set up an appointment. I am so glad that I did! The very first treatment brought relief to my neck and back. I now have full range of motion in my neck, freedom from numbness in my hand, and total relief from pain in my lower back. In addition, I am no longer taking medication for acid reflux or allergies. Dr. Snider is a very knowledgeable doctor who truly desires the best for his …Read More

B. Frady

Wholeheartedly Recommended

"Sometimes now I find myself watching the movement of people when I am in a public place. I see people who have difficulty rising to a standing position or moving awkwardly as they begin to step forward. Sometimes I see the pain on their faces and I am reminded of how I felt only a few months ago. In fact, I am reminded of how I felt for many years. I wish all people could be pain free and when I have opportunity, I tell the people I see, what has made a difference for me. For as long as I can remember, I have not known a day without pain. I thank God that now I am much better than I have been in many years. Several months ago while I was suffering pain in my head, neck, shoulders, back, and hips, I was really praying for relief from the pain. My doctor had said the pain would probably get worse. It was difficult for me to stand up from my bed or a chair and often my gait was unsteady. The pain from my head, all the way to my hips was constant and often my hands felt numb. I felt as th…Read More

J. Humphries

More Energy

"What started out as a desired to get some relief from shoulder and hip pain turned out to be much more than I ever expected! After beginning my adjustments, I noticed I also no longer have asthma and my allergy symptoms have all but disappeared. Before starting my treatment plan, I was using an inhaler twice a day and using an assortment of prescribed medications for sinus and allergies. I no longer wheeze, and I can actually smell again. I have also noticed I no longer have restless leg syndrome. My arthritis is also fading away! I have more energy now to do the things I thought I'd never be able to do again. My hypothyroidism is gone, and my blood pressure is back to normal. All with NO MEDICATIONS! Thanks to Dr. Snider, he discovered that my head was not on straight - literally - for over 30 years. The upper cervical adjustments have made such a tremendous difference in my quality of life after only a few months. I have found such relief and have a better understanding of how every…Read More

L. Muylle

Compassionate Actions

"When I decided to try Dr. Snider, I was taking prescription medication on a daily basis to prevent the onset of migraine headaches. While taking this medication I still had what the doctors called a 'tension headache,' at least three times per week and a migraine about once per month. This had become pretty much ordinary for me, as it had been this way for approximately twenty years. After going to Dr. Snider for two months and receiving corrections, I began having fewer headaches and no migraines. I decided to stop taking the daily prescription. I have not taken the medicine for about a month now and have not had a migraine yet and have only had a few tension headaches. I would recommend to anyone who is experiencing headache or any type of pain to visit Dr. Snider. In addition to the pain relief, the atmosphere of Dr. Snider's office is one of caring. Dr. Snider and the staff at the Gateway Clinic are clearly Christians who display this with their calming, gentle attitudes, and …Read More

K. Horner

Gave Me Life Back

I have been having neck "issues" for over 10 years. When I came into Dr. Snider’s office May 7, 2010, I had been in significant pain for almost five months. Any movement of my head and neck at all was painful. I had almost no range of motion at all. I hurt all day every day and it was keeping me awake at night because I couldn’t get comfortable. It made a huge impact on my life especially because I wasn’t able to get in the floor and play with my children (1 and 2 years old) like I wanted to. It was hard for me to hold them or carry then when I needed to. Dr. Snider found that I had a vertebral subluxation and corrected the problem. I have only been a patient here for 3 weeks and I am in the healing phase of my treatment. Although my body is not completely healed yet, I feel 100% better than I did the day that I walked into this office. Thank you, Dr. Snider for giving me my life back!"…Read More

A. Cummings
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